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Concierge-style Landscape Services

Let us orchestrate all your lawn, landscape and hardscape needs Concierge-style landscape services refers to our creative and comprehensive way of orchestrating all your lawn, landscape and hardscape needs. We complement our own expertise with those of landscape architects, contractors and subject matter experts to deliver spectacular outdoor spaces. Our programs include: Annual Color Plantings in Beds, Outdoor Containers and Planters Mowing and TrimmingTree and Shrub PruningIrrigation Installation and Maintenance Mulching and Bed Maintenance Custom Gardening Services Gutter and Window Cleaning Party Prep and Holiday Decor Comprehensive or Customized Lawn Care Programs Specialized Landscape Design and Installation Water Features, Pools, Spas, Exterior Lighting and Hardscape Contact us today to learn more about Beaver Creative Environments concierge-style landscape services.  

Beaver Creative Environments Helps Grandmother Harmed by Shady Contractor

As the folks at Fox4’s Problem Solvers attest, Beaver Creative Environments, a Kansas City-based landscape design firm, came to the rescue of a grandmother in Overland Park, Kansas. The grandmother had a contractor disappear before finishing work she arranged with the business. Beaver Creative Environments didn’t hesitate when they heard of her plight and cleaned up the mess at no charge. It was the right thing to do. Watch the brief video for more on the

Anything besides a maple!

Consider alternatives to maple trees for autumn colors Don’t get us wrong. We like maple trees as much as the next landscape design company. Especially this time of year, as maple trees shine in any setting, with their reds, oranges and burgandies lighting up the fall landscape. But from a big picture point-of-view, maple trees do have the tendency to be overused. And as the old saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” So allow us to give you a list of some of our favorite plants that can really spice up your home’s fall landscape color palette. We divided them up by fall leaf color. I included a range of plants in terms of size, from large shade trees to small shrubs. Beaver Creative Environments’ list: shrubs and trees that add fall color and interest REDS   * Dynasty Elm * Northern Red Oak * Kousa & Flowering …

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Why so few ornamental grasses?

Ornamental grasses add color and interest to landscapes One thing we’ve noticed in Kansas City is how few ornamental grasses appear in residential landscapes. The most glaringly obvious reason may be a lack of sun. For those of you in the more established neighborhoods with mature shade trees, you know what we mean. But for anyone with even the smallest planting areas that get enough sunlight, please try out some ornamental grasses. Autumn is the season when these plants really shine and you should experience these graceful garden ornaments. Drive a couple of hours west and you will see how dramatic a landscape can be when enhanced by native grasses. The Flint Hills of Kansas, while on a much grander scale than a home landscape, can give you an idea of how well-suited most grasses can be to the fall experience. Along with the golden yellows, oranges, reds and burgandies of …

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