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Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

Autumn is the season for lawn renovation Well, if this summer has anything to do with it, the answer would be “NOT APPLICABLE,” since I’m sure most homeowners, if you’re anything like me, think everything is brown and there is not a shred of green left in my, or my neighbors’ lawns. Yes, it’s renovation time (cue the confetti and balloons)!!! Lawn renovation is a vital part in the annual maintenance of your home or business. The “whys and hows” of the lawn renovation process are fairly straightforward. Lawn renovation helps give turfgrasses, as well as the soil below, boosts in two important resources: air and water. The two central components of a lawn renovation are aerification and reseeding. By aerifying your lawn, creating those thousands of holes, we are opening the root systems of the grasses up to get more contact with water and the air. By then reseeding, …

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